Thursday, September 03, 2009

Our Latest 4 Year Old....

It was so fun to talk to you this afternoon Ray!! I know you were excited to get back to your cake decorating, but it was great to hear you had been having a fun day! Tell mom, thanks for the sweet photo!! love you!!


Kris said...

He's the last in the 12 month trio before they start hitting the 5's in a few weeks! :)

Thanks for calling, Grammy! He's got a whole exciting weekend planned. This morning he started sulking when he found out we don't have any plans to go anywhere and noboby's coming over. :(

(he's getting spoiled w/ my little childcare buddies that come on Mondays and Wednesdays now)

I'm thinking a little romp in the park might be in order after we get some exercise (me) and cleaning (probably all me again) around the house!


Anna said...

Love this photo! Sounds like he had an awesome birthday. :)