Tuesday, September 01, 2009

..."The Nebraska State Fair...."

Michael is headed to the supposedly last year for the Nebraska State Fair in Lincoln. He doesn't seem to excited to go.

I think we have been going so much on the weekends lately that he feels he doesn't have time to be home.

I went out yesterday and helped cute farmer put up a light on the side of a grain bin, giving him a couple of hours at home by himself. HE LOVES THAT! I think it makes him feel like he has his own place.

I hope he enjoys himself today. He had to take a day off at his favorite job...KZCO. I'll have him take his camera along and get some practice for his October trip.

I know, I still have not uploaded any of his photos....I'll have to get on that.... =)

***update*** He would not take his camera........what can I say?...he is not a morning person.....


Anna said...

The state fair will be fun..this will be the time to go since it's the last time here...hope he enjoys it! You'll have to post some pics. :)

cheryl said...

Visualizing...and giggling! No...he is NOT much of a conversationalist before breakfast! hehe!
Have fun at the fair!