Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bean Harvest

The guys got back out in the field this afternoon. It is supposed to rain again by morning, so I'm sure they will go tonight, as long as the stems keep cutting and the beans keep popping out of the pods... This is just south of our house.
They are putting some in the bin while they wait for the big semi to get back from the elevator.
They use the small semi as a 'dump pit' and it augers up into the bin. They just run it slow, so it won't run out while the tractor and auger wagon go back out and catch another load and bring it back in to dump. They all have it down to a science. It is fun to listen to them all talking on the radios. I feel like I am with them all day.... =)

Michael was so excited about supper in a box. He couldn't wait to come home from work and went right out and got in the combine. He couldn't stand it. He rode two rounds and came back in to see if I was cooking. I had it all ready. Roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy and corn. I didn't even have his in the box yet!!! I told him I was not wasting a box while he was in the house. He didn't care...he just wanted supper!! =)


Sandy B said...

Loved the harvest pictures - I miss this time of the year. (I have a picture of a John Deer combine harvesting corn on my computer desktop!)

Anna said...

Love the pics..glad it's going pretty well...Mike is so funny. Glad he enjoyed his supper outside of the box. :)

daisyinnovember said...

Yeah, Sandy, you can feed me anytime :)