Thursday, October 15, 2009

Patience...... a fruit of the spirit...and we are praying that we can keep it until the sun comes back out and can continue to harvest. We had less than an inch of rain, but the cool, damp weather continues to keep us out of the field. We are so very pleased that we have out as much as we do, though. The forcast is for warmer weather, but there is a chance of showers thrown in about every other day.

I work three days this week. I am working on our 'graveyard' files..a little there and more at home. I am just completely going through them and organizing them and making sure the notes are in order, etc. I have to admit, it will be good to get to "Z", but it kind of makes me smile as I go through them and remember many of the people and some of the conversations that we had, etc.

My computer has the flu...I think. It will only stay on about three hours and then it shuts off by itself. I am glad that so far it hasn't done it while I was working on something...especially farm books, or in the middle of a photoshop project, but at any rate, it is still annoying and I fear that it won't turn back on one of these times. I will be hauling it to AZ this winter for the computer Dr. to have a look at it..... speaking of patience.....=) ...thanks, Brian, for all you do for me!!!!!

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Sandy B said...

I'm sure there are lots of farmers frustrated out there! Curt and I keep saying this reminds us of Portland winters. Hope the sun comes out SOON.