Monday, October 19, 2009

Back in the fields...

The guys picked corn yesterday afternoon and finally got back in the bean field around 4 pm. yesterday. The sun is shining (after morning fog) now and they have been working on the combine all morning. They will hopefully be cutting beans after lunch.

My crazy desktop computer has decided to be naughty, so I put her in 'time-out' and unplugged her and have my laptop back up as our main computer again. The desktop kept shutting off by itself, and I am afraid, one of these times, it will not turn back on. I'll take it down to the family Dr. this winter! =)

I do NOT like an empty nest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael left for Florida yesterday morning at 4 am. I have not heard from them, and don't know if they will call, but I know one is going to be a long week for us!!! I hope he has fun and I hope he/they take lots of photos. We are used to leaving him with family and going off, not having HIM leave us!! =)

I am going to work this afternoon ...... =)

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