Thursday, November 19, 2009

Here we come kids... =)

I finally talked cute farmer into letting me get airline tickets to go see the kids next month. We (Kristin and I =) wanted to get there for Thanksgiving weekend, but I'm still not sure we will get SJ done with harvest and my guy wants, in the worst way, to still get some fall field work since the ground is not frozen yet, and the rain and snow has stayed at bay... I called a around and think I have my work covered while I am gone. We can only stay a few days, but any time is great with me!!!

Got my bookwork caught up today and emailed my files to our taxman. We always do a pre-end-of-year to see if there is anything we need to adjust before the end of this year. That is one good thing about having to do it each month...keeps you caught up. Not sure when or if we will actually get in for an appointment...might have to do it from cell phones from the tractor.. =)

I also spent about half an hour deleting old emails from both accounts. I hate to admit it, but I had over 5000 emails in the inbox of my yahoo account. They went back as far as 2008. Now I need to go dust, and make a pot of ham and bean soup and cornbread muffins to take to work tomorrow.


Sandy B said...

So glad you can go see Kris and family.......please say hi for the Blums. :-)

Anna said...

So glad you can go spend some'll have to have a belated family meal together. :) It'll be a special time mo matter when you're there..hope the Fall field work goes well. Soup & cornbread sound SO good!

cheryl said...

What a blessing to get to to see your daut and fam! I know EXACTLY how you feel! I miss my girl sooo much, but know she's in God's hands, so I'm good with it! Amazing peace in that, huh? Have fun!!!