Friday, November 13, 2009

Long Days....

We get up around 5:30 and the guys head up to the elevator to get in the trucks at about 7 am. They get filled the night before and taken up to get them in line. Yesterday, it took all day to get five truckloads of corn in. ...the hurry up and wait game. They are picking corn on the "Ernies" farm and SJ's field connected to it to the east, his "Wilgus- east" farm.

I go to work today, so packed up six lunches for the harvesters, and two more for Michael and I. Steve N came last night from Colorado, Mike S. (neighbor of Steve J.) and I think Tim is hauling for us this afternoon, so I just wanted to make sure there were enough lunches to go around.

They are trying to find another semi today from some that are done harvesting. I'm praying the dryer keeps running today. We will be on the third tank of propane this week. I am talking 500 gal tank......., but thankful to have all the corn, and it is dryer on this farm, so we are thankful for the warm temps and breezy days to keep drying it down a little.

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Anna said...

Praying for a good night's rest and endurance for all of you...glad harvest is still going! Praise the Lord for dryer weather. Thanks for the update!