Friday, January 22, 2010

Carter time..... =)

What a joy! This little guy just loves this little guy!! =) He had more fun socializing with himself in the mirror the other night when he stayed with us. You would have thought he is with us every week. He never seemed like he was afraid of us and you would never know he had not seen us since last July!
He loves his Crampaw.... =)

We took Michael down to his favorite store. He always comes out with some treasure.... =)

It has rained.....a this week. They even had a tornado warning up north last night. Flagstaff had FEET of snow the past couple of days and the main roads are all closed and Phoenix even cancelled all in and out flights last night for a while because of high winds. Crazy weather this past year...all over the country!!


Anna said...

Love all these pics! And yay for a Dis.ney store for Michael. Looks like lots of fun..hope you stay tornado-free! That would be bad since no one has basements down there..

cheryl said...

Calm down the winds and stop the rain b/c the "other" Grammy is on her way!! LOVE these pics Sandy!!! It's so sweet to see him interacting with you guys! Always has a smile on his face now!! a little of that shugah for me! :)

Sandy B said...

Great pics - glad Carter is having fun with you guys. :-) We had some friends 'get stuck' in Phoenix airport due to weather - I'm sure that doesn't happen very often! Sorry about all the rain but for some reason we Blums just don't feel too sorry for you! :-)