Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finally .....sunshine!!

We left the cold and snow of home and headed down to see the kids!! We drove a long day and stayed in Albuquerque, NM and got up early and got on down to Gilbert about 3:30 pm on Friday. As soon as we got the car unloaded ...we headed to the pool/ hottub. was only 76 degrees, but compared to the -20 we left last week, it was balmy!! We headed over to Brian and Amy's around 5 and I finally got my hands on our youngest grandson, Carter!! What a cutie! He has grown SO much since summer and what a little hugger!! I told Amy, "He just fits!!" my arms, that is!! =) After supper, I was going to drop the guys off at home and go get groceries. I decided to finish putting things away.....and go to bed!! I didn't get much sleep at all at the motel on Thursday night. The room was fine...I think I was just excited to get down here!!! I slept great here, and the guys are going to walk to the "Good Egg" and grab some breakfast and I will head over to the store and get my groceries this morning. Popping my turkey in the oven (I always bring down a turkey...can't beat meat at 49 cents a pound!!) and the kids will come over for supper tonight and eat with us! It is soooo good to see the sun again...and NO SNOW!! =)


Anna said...

Looks like fun! That Carter is SO big, can't wait to get him and Jude together. ;) ..and love the slideshow below.

cheryl said...

What FUN! Olive Garden...yum! Hard to believe little chunka-chunka is sitting up in that high chair!! get him trained real good to give his Grammy's big hugs by the time I get there! Amy's gonna love this time we take this little feller under our wing, huh? What a nice break for her and Brian! Family is a WONDERFUL thing!