Saturday, May 07, 2011

It is Finally Spring... =)

Last weekend, the kids came out for a few days. Cami went back home on Sunday evening because she had school on Monday, but the little boys stayed until Tuesday Morning. I got a few shots of them playing outside on Monday. It is so nice to have warm weather finally.
They spent a couple of hours riding bikes and playing with the outside toys.
I'm glad I had a couple of the 'flingers'. They even played with the flat one...
Ray got our deck done today. After he left, I painted the trim around the garage doors, so everything is really white again. =)


cheryl said...

Looks BEAUTIFUL!! Just might motivate me to do mine now! :) Happy Mothers Day Sista girl! xxoo

Kris said...

That's a great looking deck! (and grandsons, too!) Can't wait to see both when we get back in a few short weeks.