Monday, August 19, 2013

Cute Farmer Bakes His Homework

Cute Farmer had his therapy session on Friday.  We like Cindy and found out she too, is a Christian.  Cute Farmer complimented her at the last session that she is so calming and patient.  I think she is having a little trouble anticipating his gains.  She prepares things for him going off the previous session and when we get there, a lot is too easy for him.  She had to circle the hardest things at the bottom of each of his homework sheets for him to bring back next time.  Before we left she said, "I do want to get you to 'think outside the box'".....the brownie box.. =). She wanted him to go to the store and buy a box brownie mix and go home and bake it.  She figured he would never have done that before.  After some direction to where a pan, bowl, whisk, and the oil were, he did a perfect job making the brownies.  And we served them to our friends for dessert on Saturday.  Alison, Travis, Shawn and the girls brought us a delicious pot roast supper and we played a game of 13 point pitch.  Cute Farmer did admit later that at first he could not think what you called hearts when he saw them...but he played just fine.  Still have work to do... =)

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