Thursday, August 15, 2013

Trucking and Mowing....

Cute farmer had a busy day.  I took Michael to work and stopped by the clinic to see the "kids".  Got a call from 'naughty' farmer.  "I took that load of corn in to the elevator"...ack!  I asked him how that went.  "Didn't quite remember where all the gears were because I was concerned I was overloaded."  I asked if it went ok then.  "Yes, I got it figured out."  I asked then if he WAS overloaded?  "Yes, a little".....  Was I freaking out??  For sure!  I said go ahead and drive around Ashland, to Mead, the pickup...not the SEMI!   He went on over to have coffee and get all the problems of the world resolved.  I was glad for him.  He just wants to make everybody feel at ease.  "Yes, I can talk...yes I can be teased about it if I can't ...and I still want to be with you guys."  He is teaching me every day.  Do I avoid people I'm not sure if I will be able to communicate with?  What a lonely life you give them if I do!  I asked if that went well.  He said mostly...still has trouble finding some words when he is around a group and gets random questions asked, but so thankful, so far no panic attacks like the last stroke.  Another answer to prayer.

We worked on watching the south little pivot finally get to the west barricade.  He walked out and I stayed at the panel.  He is trying to tell me the panel to go to and what buttons to push/turn.  We got that figured out and got the barricade straightened back up too.  He did great communicating.  Told me the wrong panel at first....nothing that wouldn't have happened any other day. In for lunch and homework.  Alphabet right, note following ...go over and redo.  Train the brain.  I don't want to knitpick but we are saying and spelling...find the missing words.  Cover up the old so we don't get distracted...write the new.  Good job!!  100% (and a smiley face...of course).  That writing / texting more than four words is just hard....really hard.  Afternoon we both mowed...I the lawn, he the road ditches.  'Goodstuff' for supper and a favor.   "Can you drive the pickup down to Alvera's?  I want to mow that ditch and need you to see where the waterway runs into the ditch so I don't go down in there....."  I HATE that job...before the stroke!  He drives places I would never dream to drive!  I tell him I don't think he can get any closer than where he already mowed...he knows he goes.  He knows because he has the duels on, he is not going to tip over easily....I can't stand even looking at it!  Down a dip and up and onto the waterway.  Drove north and got the waterway mowed and back down.  He did listen when I said not to mow any closer than the tall elderberry bushes, because the waterway washed a big ditch there and it was straight down about 3 feet.  Whew...out of there and I headed back home so he could finish the easy part on the east side.  I do not want to hover over him.  Am I still a little nervous?  Yes...over protection is just part of me...always has been...more so with the kids than him, but I about suffocated him on the last stroke and learned my lesson.  God was preparing me.. =)

Later in the evening....more 'homeschool'.  He worked on his Ipad and got 80 to 100 % on the three tests he went through.  At that, the missed ones didn't surprise me as they were things he wasn't familiar with uncommon phrases.

Before bed...lets do the calendar backwards again..humor me.  As quick as I would be able to do them and 100%.  Awesome! Name animals...any kind.  Farm, air, water, zoo.  When asked that on his bad day in the hospital he could only name four (and rhinoceros was the first named) and at therapy on Tuesday he named 8 in about one minute.  13 one after the other and was not even one minute.  I could tell he was getting tired.  He wants to get it back and is working hard.  Tomorrow is another day.  So grateful.  Praising the Lord and asking for guidance to be the best helper and still let him lead.  I just love my cute farmer.  =)

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