Thursday, February 28, 2008

Photoshop Element Tutorial--how to make a sticker or png. file

If you have a jpg. file that you want to make a sticker (or png.) file out of, open it in the workspace of Photoshop elements. Notice the little 'lock' over in the layers in the dark blue? You will need to duplicate the layer and throw the locked layer away. To do this, 'right click' on the dark blue and choose 'duplicate layer. No put your cursor over the dark blue of the locked layer and left click and grab that layer and drag it up to the trash.

Now with the unlocked layer remaining, move over and select the 'magic wand' tool. Move the wand over the white part of the photo and left click and select the white. You should see the 'marching ants' now around the white part of the photo.
Now go up to 'Edit' and choose 'cut'.
The white should now disappear. You can now choose the (+) move tool and drag this on to your scrapbook page or save it as a png. file in a folder.

Have fun making stickers! =)


cheryl said...

Oh Boy...thats a lot of instructions, but I printed them out and they will be tucked in my folder on the side of my desk titled, 'Photoshop Elements Various Instructions'. That's YOUR folder! LOL!

Thank you for taking the time to do this with sick boys on board!

I'm gonna try this you'll have a surprise waiting when you arrive home!

Safe travels!! xxoo

Kathy said...

Love these tutorials.....keep 'em comin! Even though they might be for a lady farther North than I, if you don't mind I think I'll spy in on them too. :)