Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PSE Drop Shadow Adjustment

When you get your element pulled over into your layout, to add a drop shadow:
1. Click on "layer styles", Drop Shadows, and in this example, I clicked on low.
2. To make it not stick out so far from the page, click on the little "L" circle in the layer which incicated that there is a layer style on that layer. A little box will pop up:
3. In the box, slide the "shadow distance to the depth you would like and click "OK".

You now have a realistic shadow. =)


anna said...

LOVE that drop shadow adjuster. I often bring it all the way to zero to give it just barely a 3D effect.

You will be embarassed of me, I JUST last week figured out the adjustment layer thing--oh my goodness it's my new best friend! I usually edit photos pretty heavily when I use them, so that is PERFECT for me to compare and undo without starting over.

We are ready to have you guys back! It's been a long winter, and we had the nicest day outside today. Got the kids out and some friends came over too for a playdate. It's time for Spring! :)

cheryl said...

My teacher is an awesome lady! Thank you!! I got the box thingy, but didn't know how to get the other one that you adjust the number in! I need to take another picture so I can make another page! TOO FUN!!!