Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Last Day with Rylie...

Rylie is spending the morning thru lunch with us today. We won't see her after today until the week of the wedding. Every time she comes the first thing she gets out is the tea set. We had a Captain Crunch tea party this morning. =)

Well, I think Michael has the bug, too, as he is a bit warm this morning and both guys were clearing their throats all night. Michael insists he feels fine...but he has dark circles under his eyes and isn't begging to go I know he is not up to par. =) We will lay low today and try to get everyone well before traveling. I'll be packing up the bus tomorrow and we will live out of the motel bag tomorrow night, so we can just get up and head out. We will drive Michael thru McD's one last time before we head north. We already have this place rented again for next year. It is nice to know we can come back to the same spot. We told her we would like it every year they own it, unless something changes on either side. We love the location, as the guys can take the car and I still can walk to get groceries or the little strip mall across the main street, or take Rylie to the park across from our area here. I will sure miss this warm weather, but know the worst is probably over back in NE and know it is time to get home and get back to work there. Ack...I hate to think about getting the mail and locking myself up in the office doing books for a day or so!! I know my hubby is getting anxious to get his projects done before time to start planting...and of course we have a wedding to attend in a few weeks!! =)

One thing on the agenda today is to get hubby over to Men's Warehouse to get fitted for his tux. Want to get that done down here, as I know when I get that man won't be easy to get him to run do it there!!

Time for a game with miss R and Michael..... =)


anna said...

Oh, sorry to hear about the yucky bug. and Miss R will miss you! So glad we get to see her too in another month...can't believe the wedding is just a month away!

cheryl said...

me neither!

Amy said...

Are you guys kidding?? A month seems like a year to Brian and I! haha

I sure hope Michael starts feelin' better.

And yaaaaaaayyyyy!!! Glad that you have the condo reserved for next year! Brian and I will definitely be there to take advantage of the hot-tub. haha

Miss you guys!!! Hope you have a GREAT, quick trip home -- and that Steve --errr, dad (hehe)--- enjoys that new GPS gadget!!!

See you guys in a month!!!! :)