Wednesday, April 16, 2008

KC for a few days....

Thought I would pop in with a post while I think of it. I am leaving for KC at about 4 am tomorrow to spend a few days with my Dad while my step-mom takes a little trip to Texas to visit friends in the park where they used to live. I am packing up the laptop and plan on getting books caught up again and have a couple of graphics projects I can work on during the times he is napping. I am hoping I can get him to play some cards and games while I am there though! =)

I don't think his internet has been working, so probably won't be online until I get back next Tuesday evening.... =)


anna said...

Drive safe!! We'll be praying.

Kris said...

Sorry I couldn't get my "raymond project" stuff to you in time! I've been swamped with getting details/paperwork together for the cleaning ministry here and getting the kids acclamated to the preschool. Well, that and the paperwork for the addendum on the Lincoln house.

I should have it ready for ya when you get back for sure. I'll be praying for a very beneficial visit with Grandpa in the days ahead.

Glad you had a lovely time at the Apron Evening!! :D