Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

We have been doing a lot of running around the past couple of days. We took a drive out to Apache Junction and stopped by and visited a friend from Mead.Ne. We try to stop by and visit Gladys every year.

Thursday we went out to eat with Alm's from NE. We had supper at Rustlers.Rooste. It is a unique restaurant up on a little hill that looks out over the city to the north/west. It was fun getting together with them. We ate their with the kids about 5 years ago.

Yesterday I put ham and scalloped potatoes (and mixed vegetables) in the crock pot for supper, and we headed out for our annual drive up South Mountain. I really DON'T enjoy the drive up and down, but love the view up on top. I can't believe I didn't take the camera, but guess I have take photos up there every time...and the only thing that changes is us! =)

When we came back, Michael bought us some little personal.pan pizzas and we went to a little park for a late lunch and went back to Fry's.Electronics for a couple little things and he got his coveted Chip&Dale.Rescue Rangers DVDS. They are old cartoons from when he was a little boy. Every time he would ask to go shopping back home the past few months, I would tell him "wait until we get to Phoenix where everything is close". I know he would go every day if we would take him! He found a great story book at the used book nook at the city library the other day....only 50 cents! I will still take him to the Good.Will a couple miles west of us this next week. He hasn't been there yet.

We do not have anything special planned today. Smiley is going to stay with us this evening while Brian and Amy go out for Valentine's Day. They have been busy puting in new bathroom faucets and lights. Their home has turned out soooooo cute! They have painted and decorated the whole thing and it is so homey. I can't wait to see the new fixtures! =) I'm so glad Amy is finally feeling better!! She has sure had a time of it!

Well, Michael is patiently waiting for his heart shaped pancakes, so I better get to the kitchen... =) xoxoxox to all to day ! =)


Kris said...

Have a sweet time with Rylie tonight! We had pancakes at lunch today, but I should've read this to remind me that I could've made them heart shaped today!! :)

Anna said...

The heart shaped pancakes sound like fun! Andy took the kids sledding on our fresh snow while I got some serious grocery shopping done...hope you enjoy the rest of your Vday! Sending love.

cheryl said...

Give Smiley a big hug and kiss from Grammy Cheryl! Sounds like you all have been pretty busy...hopefully Amy will start feeling better this week and you girls can have some fun together before you come back!
Happy V Day my extended family!